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ThinkPad Guide 1.2 released

April 17th, 2020

For the past few days, I've been working on a guide to the world of ThinkPad. (and a text-only edition of it) I've shared it before on Twitter and to some other people, but only now do I tenatively feel it's good enough to put on here officially. I know this is what a "beta" phase is for, but since I didn't think of it, we're releasing on 1.2. You didn't want to see 1.0 or 1.1 anyway. 1.1 added in a whole series of ThinkPad I missed, and 1.2 fixed (at least most of) the misspellings and inconsistent capitalization dotted all over it, like a third grader wrote it. I plan on writing more guides similar to that, maybe a guide to the world of iPod next, a la the late

This guide only includes ThinkPads after 2000, eventually it will be updated to include all of them, but documentation on the older models isn't as plentiful as the newer ones. That might be the 2.0 release, it might not. Somebody might care as well, but probably not.

In other "news," I was looking at unique and interesting ThinkPad models when I found this page documenting Prof. Alan Black of CMU's adventures installing FreeBSD on an IBM PC110 in 1999. The charm of these old webpages never cease to amuse and captivate me. I encourage you to read about the professor's adventures, and go to the other pages listed to learn more about the PC110. It's definitely a unique and interesting machine. A lot of the links have died over the years, but the Wayback Machine is your friend.

Update 2020-12-07: Removed link to text only version and updated link to the ThinkPad guide as part of blog re-organization.