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Well, I'm silly.

April 25th, 2020

Just a quick update today. I would like to apologize for the ridiculousness in the last blog post, and last version of the ThinkPad Unicorns page. They talked about the X31 10th anniversary edition, and how it was this insanely rare ThinkPad model that there wasn't any information for. Turns out the forum posts I linked were referring to an X30 anniversary edition, a computer that turns up significantly more results on a web search. It's still a rare computer, there still isn't much information, but I've updated the Unicorns page to correct the mentions of a ThinkPad that doesn't exist. You can still laugh at the previous blog post, though.

If you're wondering about the ThinkPad forum ban, caring about it for some unknown reason, my IP has been unbanned! It happened just an hour or so after I published the last blog post. I still haven't recieved a reply from my support request. I'll wait a couple days, and try to register again.

Update 2020-12-07: Updated link to the ThinkPad Unicorns list as part of blog re-organization.