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Static Progress

February 13th, 2021

Tonight, I have once again come to the realization that there is not a static site generator in existence that is suitable for my website. Every single one that I find has at least one of the following problems:

Am I being too picky? Yeah, probably. I just want my website to be how it is now, but automated. You would think this is not something that would be difficult to find, considering how simple the website is.

The real problem is that most of the simple generators were made for the websites of their creators, conforming to their own layouts and needs. That's great for them, but not so great for a freeloader such as myself. The ones that account for anything different are too monolithic and bloated for me to be interested. A lot of the more generalized ones require you to use one of their terrible looking, (yes, it's me saying this) bloated, and spyware filled "themes" or require you to make your own theme in their terrible special snowflake format. For the hundredth time, I now realize I will need to make my own generator. Somehow.

I have tried to make my own. A few times now. The first was creatively named "ssg" and made up of a few shell scripts. I eventually ran into a bug I couldn't squash, gave up, and never went back to it. Months later, I tried to wrangle a friend's static site generator into working with my website. It was made in a programming language I don't know, and you can probably guess how that went.

After that, I tried to use a program bundled with someone else's shell script site generator to make my own, but I couldn't get around one of the absurd limitations of the original generator. I eventually conceded that I would have to drastically change the formatting of my website and continued working, and I very quickly ran into either a bug that I couldn't fix because I don't know C, or (more likely) an even more absurd limitation that I don't care to conform to. I was too fed up with the whole thing to find out which one it was.

It seems I will be doomed to a static website for the forseeable future. At least I've learned more about sed since I started actively updating this website.