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A Carefully Crafted Button To Click At

August 22nd, 2021

Luke Smith recently posted to his blog calling for others to start using those 88x31 web buttons again. I think that's a great idea. Those little pictures were one thing that made the old Web a little more fun. I've decided to start thinking about putting some buttons and other things around my website. For as long as has been my domain name, I haven't put any inline images on it. Any images used were hyperlinked with a label telling you the file type and the approximate file size. Great for people with slow connections, but my website has had very little color and I think that's made it a little too serious. Large images (>2KB or so) will continue to be hyperlinked, though. I think that's a good convention to stick to.

I have a concept for an (animated!) 88x31 button for this website, but it isn't quite right. In the meantime, I have a design for a Monero button that I spent a couple hours working on last night. It's made in GIMP, of course, and you can download the project file here.

Monero Now!

You may use this picture for whatever you want, consider it released into the public domain. However, I recommend that you link people to if you use this button on your own website. For example:

    <a href="">
        <img src="" alt="Monero Now!">

I don't mind if you choose to hotlink the file from my server as is done in the example, (as long as you're not, like, Microsoft or something and my bills won't skyrocket from all your users downloading a 921 byte GIF from my server) but I can't guarantee it will be in the same location forever. If you're designing your website to last, you should download it and host it on your own server. I hope you'll get some use out of it.

The "M" symbol and the "MONERO" text were derived from the official Monero logo, available in the Monero press kit.

The typeface used for the "MONERO" text is based on Century Gothic, but the folks at Monero Outreach have made a dedicated typeface to match the text in the logo called MoneroGothic [CC BY-SA]. MoneroGothic is available here. If you're editing the GIMP project file, you don't need MoneroGothic installed on your computer. The "MONERO" text in there isn't real text, just a pixel layer.

The "Now!" text, however, is stored as text. The font is Linux Libertine G [GPL / OFL], bolded and italicized. You may already have it installed on your computer, but if not you can download it here.

Update 2022-09-07: Fixed a 301 redirecting link