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November 19th, 2022

For those that didn't know, I've been keeping track of the Ladybird Web browser's progress in rendering's Discover page. Here's what it looks like currently, as well as some notes on the functionality.

There wasn't much difference the last few times I checked, so I haven't posted an update[1] in a while. In the past couple of weeks, though, much has changed. Without further ado, here's the current screenshot.'s Discover page viewed in Ladybird on 2022-11-19

  1. ^ Updates in the past were posted to my alternate twtxt feed over on, but they will be here on my website from now on.

A significant regression, visually, from nearly two months ago [PNG, 48KiB], but good progress has been made in other areas.

Unfortunately, I had a lot of trouble with the browser crashing when I was testing it, even with JavaScript disabled. Also, it is still impossible to post from Ladybird; <textarea> elements are broken.

Here are the previous screenshots for comparison, as well as what the same page looks like today in LibreWolf 106.0.4.

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