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Apple doesn't care about you.

December 29th, 2022

Re: Open Letter to Apple[archived] by

Please respect my decisions and privacy and stop turning things back on whenever I upgrade or purchase new devices. Its getting really fucking annoying, as-if, you (the company) have no regard for user decisions.

It's not "as-if"; this is exactly how it is, and it's not just Apple. They don't care about you. The entire tech industry is moving toward less user control, because the big company knows what's best.

There's a great article from 2017 that talks about this with Apple specifically. Just about every prediction it made has come true or is coming true. It's a great read if you have the time.

To illustrate the point further to anyone reading this, here is a guide on securing and improving the privacy of Mac OS. It is over 16,000 words long according to my (fairly naive) count. You should not need a 16,000 word guide on how to stop your own computer from acting against your interests.

Well, I say that, but you never really know with proprietary software. Besides, even if you had it 100% secure, Apple can push an update and you're compromised again.

Control is the key. Our computers are too important for us to let these companies control them.

It's very unfortunate that Mac OS is the best option for the visually impaired. I hope the situation improves for free operating systems in the near future.

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