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Frequently Used Rsync Options

May 8th, 2023

Rsync is a very impressive tool with an impressively long man page. These are the options I use most frequently, documented here because I will surely forget if I write this anywhere else.


--archive, -a           Same as -rlptgoD
    --recursive, -r     Recurse into directories
    --links, -l         Copy symlinks as symlinks
    --perms, -p         Preserve permissions
    --times, -t         Preserve modification times
    --group, -g         Preserve group
    --owner, -o         Preserve owner (super-user only)
    -D                  Same as --devices --specials
        --devices       Preserve device files (super-user only)
        --specials      Preserve special files
--compress, -z          Compress file data during the transfer
--delete                Delete extraneous files from dest dirs
--partial               Keep partially transferred files
--dry-run, -n           Perform a trial run with no changes made


--verbose, -v           Increase verbosity
--human-readable, -h    Output numbers in a human-readable format
--progress              Show progress during transfer
--itemize-changes, -i   Output a change-summary for all updates

Note to self: Next time you mess up the permissions after syncing to a Windows machine using -a, icacls "directory" /t /q /c /reset did the trick last time.

/reset	Replace ACLs with default inherited ACLs
/t      Recurse through directories
/c      Continue on file errores
/q      Suppress success messages

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