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Documents ≠ Programs - August 31st, 2021

I've recently become active again on, the platform that puts the "social" in "anti-social social media". There is a lot of intelligent discussion to be had there, and for the past couple days a discussion has been going on about technology buzzwords and, later, unnecessary complexity on websites. I was asked to clarify my position and, rather than try to fit it within the (admittedly quite generous) character limit, I figured it would be best to state my argument here, on my website, where I can ramble as much as I want. I get a free blog post out of it, too.

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Browsers: Please stop requesting /favicon.ico automatically. - August 24th, 2021

Dear web browser developers,

Please stop automatically requesting /favicon.ico from our servers. It's annoying. Some of us don't want a favicon. Some of us haven't yet made a good one. Some of us have large 404 error pages that have to be sent if we don't comply with your "standard". Many of us have good reasons, but we all hate seeing constant 404s in our logs for /favicon.ico.

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A Carefully Crafted Button To Click At - August 22nd, 2021

Luke Smith recently posted to his blog calling for others to start using those 88x31 web buttons again. I think that's a great idea. Those little pictures were one thing that made the old Web a little more fun. I've decided to start thinking about putting some buttons and other things around my website. For as long as has been my domain name, I haven't put any inline images on it. Any images used were hyperlinked with a label telling you the file type and the approximate file size. Great for people with slow connections, but my website has had very little color and I think that's made it a little too serious. Large images (>2KB or so) will continue to be hyperlinked, though. I think that's a good convention to stick to.

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